Why Red Dwarf and Philosophy

I firmly believe that the show Red Dwarf has deserved its ‘…and Philosophy’ book more than any other show there is. There are numerous philosophical questions, some answered, some unanswered, within the lines famous Dave, Rimzywimzysmeagforbrains BSc, Cat, Kryten and other smeagheads have said during more than 25 years on air, thus being probably the […]

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Video games and fantasies

Episode Eight – Better than Life Let us start this time with stating how important the topic of Death is for Dwarfers, within several episodes. First of all, we see a relationship with dead people as holograms, then all the crew dies, all the Cat people die, Cat priest faces his God on his death […]

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Androids have feelings, too!

Episode Seven – Kryten Kion vi revas pri? as the esperantinos would say. Or, as Google Translate claims the esperantinos say. What do you dream about? To learn a new language, or to grow your own garden? According to Wikipedia, Ludwig Zamenhof’s dream was to create “easy to learn, politically neutral language that would transcend […]

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Gods, toasters and aliens

Episode four – Waiting for God Did I ever tell you about Cat’s investigating feet? Those are amazing! His feet lead him in which ever direction he needs to go, just as us monkeys, I mean humans, have investigative minds. Since we became aware of ourselves, we wondered of how we got here, where are […]

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Death and Life in Deep Space

Episode two – Future Echoes In second episode Dave, Rimmer, Cat and Holly set on a 3 million years long trip back to Earth, with a plan to put Dave in suspended animation and shut down Rimmer, like some kind of battery powered sex aid. Life would be much more interesting if we could just […]

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Cats and Holograms

Episode One – The End As I stated in my introductory post, my aim is to show you in which ways Red Dwarf is philosophical and which philosophical problems are shown or can be questioned in almost each episode. Therefore, I won’t retell the plot here, I will only state the problems, ideas, topics which […]

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